I’m Not From Here – Philly Edition Aug 12 @ 8pm


I’m Not From Here is back at the Creek and Cave on Aug 12th! This time we tap ONE of my 15 hometowns and grab some of my favorite guys and gal from the City of Brotherly Love! Douse yourself in CheezWiz and come on over for some laughs! This month I’ve got –

James Hesky

Doogie Horner

Peggy O’Leary

I’m Not From Here – Seattle/Portland Edition June 10 @ 8pm


There is no ‘I’m Not From Here’ for May since I’m gonna be dorking around Texas for a while, but I’m coming back in June with 3 of my favorite comics from the Pacific Northwest. Owen Straw, Sean McCarthy and Shane Torres are gonna bring some plaid flannel and funny. Free MacBooks and Nikes for everybody!!  That last part is a total lie. Come out to the Creek and Cave on June 10th at 8pm and wear New England Patriots gear, if you have it…



I’m gonna be dorkin around Texas in May and June before it gets ridiculously hot and the threat of heat stroke goes up. My blood is too thick

I’ll be at Cap City in Austin w/ Steve Rannazzisi May 13-16. don’t pay attention to the dates on the webpage – http://www.capcitycomedy.com/bios/srannazzisi.html

Then I’ll be at the World Famous Velveeta Room w/ Matt Ingebretson May 29-30 – http://www.thevelveetaroom.com/show/matt-ingebretson

Rounding it out in San Antonio with a week at the Rivercenter Comedy Club June 3-7

Please come and bring me BBQ


I’m not kidding. Bring smoked meats